Mind & Body

Football Helmets and Concussions

By Kathryn H. Anthony

Take a look at the concussion epidemic plaguing football players.

Into the Rafters

By Floyd Skloot, from Harvard Review

Reflections on a football dream cut short.

The Will-to-Live-Until Phenomenon

By Mikkael A. Sekeres, from When Blood Breaks Down

Sometimes, the human body fends off death for reasons we don’t yet fully understand.

The Meaning of Alan Watts in 2020: A Conversation with Mark Watts

By Eli Hoelscher, Utne Reader Editor

Mark Watts talks about the timeliness of his father’s work on the heels of his latest release, Just So.


Wiggles, Seriousness, and the Fear of Pleasure

By Alan Watts, from Just So: Money, Materialism, and the Ineffable, Intelligent Universe

In a society full of rigidity, there’s a better way to enjoy life—by learning to wiggle.

Recognizing Core Limiting Beliefs

By John. J. Prendergast, PhD, from The Deep Heart

Certain mental maps form early in life and can hold us back from living to our fullest potential.

What is a Body, Anyway?

By Finn Enke, from Transcending: Trans Buddhist Voices

Form, Deep Listening, and Compassion on a Buddhist Trans Path

The Emergence of Neuroarchitecture

By Andrea Kasprzak, from Imagination Transforms Everything

Our spaces do more to define us and express our authentic essence than we may believe.

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